Sunday, October 18, 2015

Starcraft 2 Match Fixing Scandal - Or is Nathanias the real "scumbag"?

Over the past half hour or so it has emerged that 11 players (unclear if SC1 or SC2) have been indicted for match fixing. That is very troubling, and I hope the players will be brought to justice.

What's equally troubling though, and here I'm singling out Nathanias is that some e-sports "personalities" have already taken to Twitter with inappropriate comments:

I have no sympathy for the alleged cheaters whatsoever, but I'd like Nathanias to get off his high horse here. SC2 personalities in particular - due to their (sometimes undeserved) large followings have a special responsibility to be moderate and even-handed in their public comments. Or they might as well apply for a job at Fox News.

Especially when all that's known at this point is that there seems to be a scandal. Already calling for draconian punishment when really there aren't any facts on the table yet in my opinion is character assassination.

At least wait until the names of the players are released, and more details about their actual or alleged crimes are given.

Therefore, even if only to protect my own image as a competent commentator of the Starcraft scene, Nathanias shouldn't rush to Twitter all that quickly.